WH Designs is a partnership. Not just between the designers but, more importantly, between us and our clients. We don’t believe in simply imposing our own style on a project. Rather, we work with our clients to discover a shared objective.

Taste, personality, lifestyle. Great design reflects each of these elements in a way that marries form and function, the beautiful and the liveable.

We want to inspire a vision which is anchored in the classical whilst being utterly contemporary. A vision that is absolutely in keeping with our client’s€ taste and character but one that will also surprise them by surpassing their expectations.


We ensure that each and all our clients receive completely hands-on attention. What evolves is an intimate collaboration. An exploration that helps our clients experiment with new ideas and expand their aesthetic boundaries.

WH Designs has the background and track record, the professionalism and creativity to make this happen on time and on budget. We are dedicated to achieving the highest standards. We have enormous experience in sourcing and commissioning art works, and in designing bespoke furniture. And we have the knowledge and contacts to employ the very best craftsmen available.

If all this resonates with you then do contact us. You’™ll find our details here.